Reptile Food

We are now selling reptile food, below are list of products and prices.


Sizes Prices (each)
Pinkies $0.80
Velvets $1.00
Hoppers (7-11g) $1.30
Weaners (12-16g) $1.40
Adults $1.60

Minimum order: Mice come in bags of 25 however if required we will break them down in to bags of 10


Sizes Prices (each)
Weaners (30-50g) $3.85
Juveniles (51 - 80g) $5.50
Small adults (90 - 140g) $7.50
Adults - (140 - 200g) $8.50
Jumbo - (200g +) $9.50

Minimum order:10 except adults and Jumbos which we can do individually.

Weights illustrated are approximate.

Should you wish to purchase, please enquire by text or phone call to 0417 331879, or send us a message via the contact form below and we will give you our availability. It's preferable to give us a day's notice if possible prior to pick up in Iluka. Most weekdays late afternoon and Saturday's and Sunday eve's will be available for pick up.


0417 331879

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